Line Array Enclosure

2x 8" Bass/Mid Driver + ISOPHASIC HF Device - 1350 Watts Program

The Acoustic Technologies TLA508 Line Array Loudspeaker System is an innovative 2-way design, featuring two high output 8" Neodymium transducers to reproduce the low frequency and mid-band information. This arrangement offers superb low frequency performance whilst maintaining a phase coherent output in the mid-band.

The High Frequency domain is handled by a 1.4" exit compression driver coupled to an Isophasic Diffraction Aperture offering horizontal High Frequency dispersions of 60°, 90° and 150° in symmetrical or asymmetrical configurations. Vertical dispersion is determined by the length and curvature of the array.

The proprietary Blackbird Flying Hardware System is an integral part of the design allowing vertical arrays of up to 16 cabinets to be easily suspended. Inter-cabinet angles are adjustable in 1° increments, from 0° to 10°, with the pivot point located at the front baffle to maintain the integrity of the High Frequency Aperture.

The flying system is designed so that all parts are captive to the cabinet frame ensuring no parts are lost in transit. The fly-header bar may be inverted for ground stack applications.

The extensively braced cabinet is constructed entirely from premium grade, void free Birch Ply and is fitted with a rugged perforated steel grille to the protect the transducers. The cabinet is finished in black AcoustiCoate elastomer and fitted with dual NL4 Speakon connectors with loop thru connections for Sub Bass provided.

The TLA508 Blackbird Line Array System is ideal for compact touring systems, outdoor music festivals and sporting events, corporate presentations and a wide range of in-house sound reinforcement applications including houses of worship, theatres and showrooms.

Download hi-res image: Front
Download hi-res image: Flown
Download TLA508 3 View Line (CAD) Drawing
Download TFF508 3 View Line (CAD) Drawing



Transducer Complement 2 x 8" Low / Midrange Transducer
1 x 1.4" H.F. Compression Driver
Frequency Response Low / Midrange
  60 Hz - 6 kHz ± 3 dB
500 Hz - 20kHz ± 3 dB
Sensitivity Low / Midrange
  97 dB @ 1 watt, 1 metre
109 dB @ 1 watt, 1 metre
Power Handling Low / Midrange
1200 Watts Program
    150 Watts Program
Maximum SPL Flat Array
1 Cabinet
2 Cabinets
4 Cabinets
127 dB @ 1 metre
133 dB @ 1 metre
139 dB @ 1 metre
Nominal Impedance Low / Midrange
16 Ohms
16 Ohms
High Frequency Dispersion User installed HF wave guides to provide
60°, 90°, or 150° Horizontal Dispersion.
Single cabinet Vertical Dispersion <10°
Arrayed system vertical dispersion determined by array size.
Curved Array Cabinet Angle Maximum 10° between adjacent cabinets.
Physical Size 606mm(W) x 230mm(H) x490mm(D)
Net Weight 28.6 Kg
Connectors 2 x Speakon NL4MP Connectors.
Cabinet Finish AcoustiCoate Black Elastomer Finish.
Grille Finish Black Powder Coat Paint Finish.
Flying Hardware Type
Load Rating
Safety Factor
TLA508 Flying Hardware System
3x TLA508B + 16x TLA508
Greater than 10 (Confirmed by destructive testing)
Top Flying Frame Type
Load Rating
Safety Factor
TFF508 Flying Frame
Ground Stacked or Flown System
3x TLA508B + 16x TLA508
Greater than 10 (Confirmed by destructive testing)


The TLA508 Blackbird Line Array is constructed of high quality void free Birch Ply.
The transducers are protected by a rugged perforated steel grille. Acoustically transparent PVC foam is bonded to the mesh, providing a durable, visually appealing finish.

Sensitivity, Maximum Power and SPL measurements are conducted in accordance with the AES 24 Hour Pink Noise Standard. Acoustic Technologies reserve the right to alter or amend the TLA308, without prior warning in the interests of product improvement.