Compact Sub Bass Enclosure

2x 10" Sub Bass Drivers - 480 Watts Program

The Acoustic Technologies LGB01 Compact Sub Bass Cabinet is engineered to provide extended low frequency energy and warmth for any installed music reproduction system. The design utilises two highly efficient cone 10" transducers, specifically intended for this application. The result is a loudspeaker system of extremely small dimensions, allowing easy and unobtrusive installation with absolutely no compromise to the final sound quality.

The LGB01 adds depth, quality and excitement to a vast range of installations including Retail Stores and Shops, Restaurants, Wine Bars, Churches, Corporate Boardrooms, Bars and Bistros, Theme Parks, Audio-Visual Installations Project Studios, even Home Theatres.

The LGB01 is available in a wide range of decor and custom matched finishes so that it matches perfectly with the surroundings. The LGB01 is available in 4 or 16 Ohm configurations allowing easy multi-cabinet installations and optimal loading for the power amplifiers.

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Download LGB01 3 View Line (CAD) Drawing
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Transducer Complement 2 x 10" Sub Bass Transducers
Frequency Response 45 Hz - 1.0 kHz ± 3 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 94 dB @ 1 watt, 1 metre
Maximum Input Continuous
Maximum Input Program
240 Watts RMS
480 Watts Program
Maximum SPL Continuous
Maximum SPL Program
118 dB @ 1 metre
121 dB @ 1 metre
Dimensions Height 362mm, Depth 412 mm,
Width 605 mm
Nett Weight 16 Kg (Varies slightly with options)
Connector Options Screw Terminal Barrier Strip.
Weatherproof Cable Gland.
Mounting Options Fixed Installation Attachment Points.
Cabinet Finish Options Textured Black or White Paint Finish.
A wide range of decor matched and custom finishes are available upon request.
Grille Finish Options Black or White Powder Coat Paint Finish.
Weather Resistant Treatment.
Colour matched for decor cabinets.

The LGB01 enclosure is constructed of high quality 16mm MDF. A wide range of connector, grille and cabinet finishing options are available. The transducers are protected by a perforated steel mesh, lined with acoustically transparent foam, providing a durable visually appealing finish.

Sensitivity, Maximum Power and SPL measurements are conducted in accordance with the AES 24 Hour Pink Noise Standard. Acoustic Technologies reserve the right to alter or amend the LGB01, without prior warning in the interests of product improvement.