Sub Bass Enclosure

2x 10" Sub Bass Driver - 800 Watts Program

The Acoustic Technologies SSB12 sets a new standard in compact bass reinforcement systems. The loudspeaker system employs two 400 Watt 10” Neodymium bass transducers to provide smooth extended bass performance with incredible punch and accuracy. At just 20 kg, the SSB12’s power-to-weight ratio is unrivalled, making it the perfect choice for any live production application requiring bass reinforcement from an ultra-compact portable cabinet.

The SSB12 enclosure is precision crafted from premium grade, void free Finnish Birch ply and is finished in our durable Acousticoate elastomer coating. The transducers are protected by a perforated steel grille lined with acoustically transparent foam.

The dual Neutrik Speakon input panel ensures easy, reliable termination with a convenient 'loop-thru' connection for 2-way system operation. The SSB12 comes fitted as standard with ergonomic handgrips, an industry standard pole-mount adaptor and alloy feet.
The SSB12 is available in 3 different impedances: 4, 8 or 16 Ohms.


Download hi-res image: Front - grille
Download hi-res image: Front - no grille
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Transducer Complement 2 x 10" Sub Bass Transducer
Frequency Response 55 Hz - 4 kHz ± 3 dB
Sensitivity 95.5 dB @ 1 watt, 1 metre
Maximum Input
Continuous: 400 Watts RMS
Program: 800 Watts Program
Maximum SPL
Continuous: 121 dB @ 1 metre
Program: 124 dB @ 1 metre
Nominal Impedance 4 or 16 Ohms
Dimensions Height 660 mm, Depth 460 mm, Width 370 mm
Nett Weight 20 Kg
Connectors 2 x Speakon Connectors
(Pins 2+- wired 'Loop Thru' for 2 way operation)
Hardware Handgrips.
Pole Fitting for Mid/High Cabinet.
Cabinet Finish Options AcoustiCoate Black Elastomer Finish.
Grille Finish Options Black Powder Coat Paint Finish.

The SSB12 enclosure is constructed of high quality void free Finnish Birch Ply. A wide range hardware, grille and cabinet finishing options are available. The transducers are protected by a rugged expanded steel grille. Acoustically transparent PVC foam is bonded to the mesh, providing a durable, visually appealing finish.

Sensitivity, Maximum Power and SPL measurements are conducted in accordance with the AES 24 Hour Pink Noise Standard. Acoustic Technologies reserve the right to alter or amend the SSB12, without prior warning in the interests of product improvement.