Loudspeaker Enclosure

2x 6.5" Bass Mid Driver +1" Horn - 250 Watts Program

The Acoustic Technologies SS12 is an ultra compact trapezoidal shaped cabinet constructed of premium Finnish Birch plywood and finished in extremely durable AcoustiCoate black elastomer with a black powder coated grille.

The SS12 is purpose built for the Audio-Visual production market. The cabinet provides industry standard fly track on the cabinet top and rear so that it can be hung vertically at any required angle. A heavy duty steel speaker stand mount is located in the base of the cabinet. Three M10 Flying Points are located on the cabinet's side allowing horizontal installation.

The SS12 is loaded with two of our proprietary 6.5" Bass/Mid Transducers and is coupled via an advanced design crossover network to a 1" H.F. Compression Driver and 90° x 60° Horn Flare. The Horn Flare can be rotated through 90° allowing the cabinet to be mounted for either vertical or horizontal applications and still maintain the required H.F. dispersion characteristics.

The SS12 is fitted with 2x Speakon Connectors and is available in 4, 8 or 16 Ohm cabinet impedance.

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Download hi-res image: Front - no grille
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Transducer Complement 2 x 6.5" x Bass-Mid Transducer
1 x 1" HF Compression Driver
Frequency Response 70 Hz - 19 kHz ± 3 dB
Sensitivity 92 dB @ 1 watt, 1 metre
Maximum Input
Continuous: 125 Watts RMS
Program: 250 Watts Program
Maximum SPL
Continuous: 113 dB @ 1 metre
Program: 116 dB @ 1 metre
High Frequency Dispersion 90º Horizontal
60º Vertical
H.F. Flare rotatable 90º for Horizontal Mounting
Nominal Impedance 4, 8 or 16 Ohms
Dimensions Height 583mm, Depth 248mm,
Width Front 198mm, Rear 131mm
Nett Weight 14 Kg
Connectors 2 x Speakon Connectors.
Hardware Fly Track Rigging System.
Speaker Stand Mount.
3x Rigging Points for Horizontal Mounting.
Cabinet Finish Options AcoustiCoate Black Elastomer Finish.
Grille Finish Options Black Powder Coat Paint Finish.

The SS12 enclosure is constructed of high quality 12mm Finnish Birch Ply.
The transducers are protected by a perforated steel mesh, lined with acoustically
transparent foam, providing a durable visually appealing finish.

The SS12 passive crossover provides a seamless transition between the transducers.
The crossover frequency is selected to enhance the already superb performance of the individual components. Great care is taken to ensure that a phase coherent output is maintained across the entire audio bandwidth.

Sensitivity, Maximum Power and SPL measurements are conducted in accordance with the AES 24 Hour Pink Noise Standard. Acoustic Technologies reserve the right to alter or amend the SS12, without prior warning in the interests of product improvement.