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About the Venue:

Kedron-Wavell Services Club is a very busy venue in the northern Brisbane suburb of Chermside. This precinct has been nominated by Brisbane City Council as a hub for intensive development and the club is well-situated to be able to service the live entertainment needs of this thriving community. It has become one of the premier entertainment venues in Brisbane’s north and provides regular shows by leading national and international acts.

The Blue Pacific Room is the largest showroom in the venue and is a “one-stop” function space catering for seminars, presentations, cabaret shows and concerts. The room has a seating capacity of just over 500.

The 20-year old public address system in the room was proving to be inadequate for the purpose and in 2014 it was decided to invest in a new system.

About the Audio:

Production Manager, Nick Jones, selected Acoustic Technologies’ newly-developed TLA508 Blackbird Line Array System as the most suitable solution for the venue. Nick had a long-term relationship with Acoustic Technologies and selected the company as the preferred supplier based on a history of innovative products and outstanding service.

The venue has also taken the opportunity to upgrade the mixer in the room to the new Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console.

The output mix of the Yamaha CL5 is routed directly to the Blackbird 5K amplifiers for all DSP processing and distribution requirements.

Kedron-Wavell Services Club - Drum Scene event

The TLA508 line array systems are mounted at proscenium level on either side of the stage, and the CLA LF6000 dual 18in subwoofers are mounted beneath the platform.

Equipment List
Qty Item
12 Acoustic Technologies TLA508 line array enclosures
4 Acoustic Technologies CLA LF6000 dual 18in subwoofers
8 Acoustic Technologies 5K DSP amplifiers

Installation and AV Agent:
Greg Loxton
GL Audio -
Ph: 0438 180 075
Design Consultant::
Jason Roesler
AT Professional -
Ph: (07) 3376 4122